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The Mr. Olympia is upon us

Jay Cutler’s comeback after a 2 year hiatus as well as one of the very few times we have 3 Mr. Olympia’s on stage at once (Phil Heath, Jay Cutler and Dexter Jackson)

It’s a difficult choice this year as contenders such as Branch Warren, Dennis Wolf and Dexter Jackson can see themselves out of the Top 5.

What some people neglect to realize is that regardless of what is believed, the Mr Olympia winner is chosen on the best body of the night but also who brought a better look/package from their previous showing and last but not least, who would truly be an ambassador for the sport.

I personally believe this will be a 3 pony race coming down to Phil, Kai and Jay, the harder part will be picking the higher placing’s.

My choices
1Kai Green – I am somewhat biased as I had the pleasure of meeting him at a show a few years back. He is a super personable guy and truly cares about his fans. Kai has continued to show improvement.
Pro’s – midsection has diminished, probably the best back and hamstring tie in the business, and has taken his posing more serious and less theatrical
Con’s – I am not sure if we have seen 100% Kai in a few years; will this be a first? The only thing that may hurt him is his checkered past thus potentially limiting his chance to be the next ambassador of the sport.

2Phil Heath – you definitely have to give Phil credit, he helped bring aesthetics back to the sport thus dethroning Cutler. Just like Kai, I don’t think Phil has truly been 100% on stage and depending on the outcome of the show, it may be time to say goodbye to Hany Rambod.
Negatives – As Phil continues to grow I think his lines and aesthetics are suffering. Some even saying this is due to the heavy use of GH. I am not a drug guru so cannot confirm or deny.

JJay Cutler – this is the first time we see Jay in a few years. I have respect for Jay but have never cared for his physique as I think Mr. O’s should have a waist size of 34 inches or less. The bigger question is what will Jay should he not regain the title? I see a lot of similarities of the 2006 Mr. O with Ronnie trying to regain his crown

4Dexter Jackson – this is a tough one. I personally really like Dex’s physique, aesthetic, big but not blocky. Dex is very rarely “off” but I feel his physique never changes. Kudos to the man that has found the fountain of youth and has been able to come back after downward slide.

5Big Ramy – this guy has come from obscurity. He is big but still somewhat aesthetic and has a pretty decent midsection for someone that hoovers around 280. He will clearly be the biggest on stage and will be interesting to see how he is judged as there truly is no one to compare him to aside from Jay. Does he get penalized for being soo big or does he get pushed to the forefront because he is a one of a kind?

SShawn Rhoden – this is my true wild card. Shawn had a fantastic 2012 and has been off the radar for all of 2013. In my opinion he has the most aesthetic physique of everyone in the lineup with similarities to the great Flex Wheeler. If he spent this last year thickening up his back and working on his quad sweep he may move up to the 4th spot

The rest of the lineup is a gamble, Evan, Branch, Dennis, Toney, Lionel etc. Stay tuned as we will soon see how my predictions play out.