Monday, April 27, 2015

Biorhythm Pre Glow

Had the pleasure of going to the Arnold Classic (2015) this year. Much Thanks to my wife for the great Birthday gift. It is certainly a spectacle.  The bigger companies like Gaspari, BSN etc. are mobbed while the smaller companies are more interactive, less lines and the employees are more open to chat with you.

Anyway one of the companies I have been keeping my eyes on is Biorhytm. Have heard some good things and the products seem pretty good. I was fortunate enough to get a few samples of Pre Glow, their Pre Workout.

As many of you know, I am an early bird. 4:30/5 am wake up call. Fasted cardio and weights.

The candy melon was pretty good. Was a little bit of a watermelon with a hint of sweetness. Mixed it in about 20 oz’s of water. Was still pretty flavorful. Sometimes when mixed with this amount of water, flavors get muted.

Unfortunately from here the rest was downhill. Let me first say that as always this is my personal assessment. What does not work for me is not as always indicative of how a product will work for you.

About 30 minutes in , prior to any exercise, I had difficulty breathing and heart was racing pretty good. It was almost as if there was a lead weight on my chest keeping me from fully expanding my lungs. I took a gamble and decided to do some light walking on the treadmill in hopes that I could burn off some of the effects. Didn’t really do much. I hit the weights but just did not feel right. Tried to push through, again in hopes of the effects subsiding but to no avail.

About 3 hours later, the chest tightness finally subsided and I was able to move through my day without being uncomfortable.

The sample I received was wrapped in one of those ‘stick” type wrappers and not a square pouch. Ingredients were hard to read, although I did research the ingredients prior to ingestion, with nothing being out of the ordinary. The only thing that “might” have happened was perhaps the sample was multiple servings? But again I cannot confirm or deny this. Regardless I have accidently multiple dosed products before but never had the shortness of breath.

So unfortunately I will be passing on future consumption of this product.
For those of you that have tried this, would love to hear from you?