Friday, February 26, 2016

Review of Chaos and Pain Cannibal Weight

Review of Chaos and Pain’s ( brand new Whey Protein Isolate
Cannibal Weight.

I have always liked Chaos and Pain as a brand, first for their full disclosure labels and second, the owner’s no bull shit approach and true attention to quality and the really cool label designs,  sets them apart. He has never just rushed to the market to put out a product in hopes to keep up with what others are doing. And with Cannibal Weight, this is no different. I have tried other C&P Products in the past and was excited to try this one as well. As I have gotten older, I am more sensitive to concentrates, perhaps due to the higher lactose and have had best success with Isolates.

Cannibal Weight is predominantly a Whey Protein Isolate with no fillers, binders etc. How do I know this? When you add up all the macros on the label it pretty much matches the serving size. Big props for this. It comes in 3 flavors carnivorous chocolate, omnipotent orange and violent vanilla. I was fortunate enough to try the chocolate. I was kind of hesitant about trying an orange flavored protein but reviews I have seen are quite positive.

Flavor – Carnivorous Chocolate – mixed in Almond milk via blender, I found it very smooth, almost silky. Took me back to the days of using carnation instant breakfast (same type of flavor) when my Dad was trying to fatten me up.
Mixability – when using a shaker bottle and wire whisk ball there were some clumps, nothing crazy but my Nutra Bullet, powered right thru it to a creamy consistency.
Efficacy – hard to gauge if a protein is working or not as it truly is just adding protein and calories and overall replenishment to your system. I can tell you I had no stomach issues what-so-ever.

In closing, would I used this again? Most definitely. Continued success to C&P.