Saturday, February 28, 2015

Limitless Nutrition Haywire review

Figured it was about time to start doing some product reviews, may eventually get into video but for now, baby Steps

My first product review will be Limitless Nutrition, Limitless Nutrition , Haywire.

This formula is a fairly low stimulant formula and has ingredients that cover all of the bases for endurance, blood flow, mental focus, thermogenesis, recovery and clean long lasting energy.

The Negatives or shall I say negative.

 It is a prop blend. With more and more companies now offering a “full disclosure label”, would love to see the true breakdown. I understand and respect why companies do this BUT again, full disclosure would be nice.

The Positives

Taste – Pink Lemonade….excellent. I generally use a 20 oz shaker bottle and with this, it was stll failry sweet. For some that don’t have a sweet tooth, they may not like this but me personally, I love my sweets and again found this perfect. (Can’t wait to try the forthcoming Cotton Candy)

Caffeine content - I am somewhat stim (caffeine) sensitive and have found my threshold to be about 200 - 225 mgs without my head getting cloudy. Haywire comes in at 200 mgs (this straight from the owner). Loved the alertness and smooth energy.

Mixability – I always use a wire whisk shaker ball, which typically breaks through anything. No sediment clumps etc with this.

Overall assessment-

I generally take my preworkout and thermos first thing upon rising and follow up with 20-30 minutes of treadmill cardio in my basement. Here is where the test comes in, my basement, although finished is generally kept at 55 degrees (unless we have company). A good thermos/fat burner will generally have my burning/ sweating at the 10-12 minutes mark and with Haywire this did not disappoint.

After a 20-30 minutes cardio session this product continued to shine with my workouts depending on bodypart, would last 30 mins to a little over an hour.

Post exercise
Typically post exercise, I would continue to have a great sense of well being/alertness for maybe 3-4 hours so overall from 5 am to 11/12pm.

Great flavor, good focus, nice burn. Highly recommend Limitless Nutrition Haywire.

Want to learn more, have a listen to a recent interview did with Limitless Owner