Saturday, October 1, 2016

I can't lose weight

So often I see the Question – I cannot lose weight….help!!!

 I always follow up with – “Tell me about your current eating habits”? Notice how I use the term “eating habits”. I personally hate the term diet. Many people see this as a negative word that means I cannot have deserts, pizza etc.

 Answers generally are the following

1. Oatmeal, egg whites, chicken breasts, salads, steamed vegetables rice…etc… get the gist. But what they neglect to realize is how much of each. You can eat the healthiest foods in the world but if you are eating too much, you will never get to where you want to be. Start measuring/weighing your feed. It’s not hard and food scales are quite inexpensive starting at around $10 on sites like Amazon.

 2. I use a food tracker or calorie counter app and I am eating 1000 cals a day. Unfortunately, when calories are too low this also has a negative impact. Your body goes into starvation mode thus storing food, not sure when the next meal will be coming. Unfortunately losing weight is somewhat of a science BUT it does not have to be difficult.

In order to lose 1 pound of bodyweight, not muscle, not fat, BODYWEIGHT you need to burn/expend/utilize 3500 calories more than you eat. Breakdown: Eating 500 calories less per day X 7 days in a week = -3500 calories = 1 pound lost

Eating 1000 calories less per day x 7 = -7000 calories = 2 pounds lost.
I personally do not recommend losing any more than 2 pounds per week unless you are morbidly obese and or instructed by a Dr.
Google search “How many calories I should eat and weight loss”. Pick a number and after 2 weeks if you are not seeing any results, try taking in 100 calories less per day or 700 calories per week.

Suggestion – Do not get fixated on a scale. There are so many intangibles when using a scale whether it is the time of day, placement of the scale, clothes etc. If you have to use a scale, use it every 2-4 weeks, same time of the day, same clothes or lack of.

Better Suggestion Pick out a snug pair of pants/shirt, belt etc… great does it feel when you no longer need to lie flat on the bed to zip up your pants??!

Good luck and if I can answer any questions or lend assistance feel free to email me at Continued success.

About the writer - Shawn has a Degree in Nutrition and Exercise Science from Florida State University (FSU) and has been entrenched in the health and supplement industry for over 20 yrs. He is a former competitive bodybuilder and host of SuppTalk radio and more recently, a Brand Ambassador for Muscle- Elements.

Monday, April 25, 2016

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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Review of Perform Kinetics by ATP

Wanted to quickly share with you a review of a brand new company/product ATP Nutrition (Aspire, Train, Perform), Perform Kinetics which is their first product in their line, touted as a Pre Workout.

Their Claims:

        Clinically Dosed         
100% Complete Label Transparency         
Created on Data backed ingredients that work

Few great reasons which got me excited about trying the product.

With many new PWO’s on the market, it is always a gamble with me personally, over-stimmed, underdosed and sometimes the dreaded “crash” that ensues shortly after usage.

As you see from the labels below, it is a pretty robust formula, caffeine for energy, pump ingredients and lactic acid buffers as well as nootropics to help keep one mentally focused. 

I was afforded both sample packets as well as a full bottle/jug. At the risk of opening and not liking a full bottle I decided to try a sample packet which is one full dosage.

Approximately 20 ozs of water in a shaker bottle using a wire whisk ball. Few quick shakes and all was great. No sediment/granules.

Cherry Limeade was flavor. First off, glad to see a new/different flavor out there. I enjoy the Fruit Punches and Blue Raspberry but my flavor palate is asking for something new and exciting and this was it. To be honest, not sure I really tasted the cherry as it was more in the limeade. Slightly tart but refreshing and enjoyable.

Trial 1 – I sipped this over perhaps a 5-10 minutes (first thing in my stomach for the day) and probably 10-15 minutes later felt the nootropics hitting. As mentioned earlier, I consider myself somewhat stim sensitive, I personally try to keep myself this way. The 250 mgs of both caffeine anhydrous and di-caffeine malate definitely had my heart racing but nothing to the point of feeling like a heart attack or that my head was going to explode

I started with A 20 minute cardio/treadmill session, 4.0 mph. This is where the fun began. Although this is touted as a Pre Workout, Perform Kinetics had me sweating hard at the 10-minute mark and upon completion, shirt was sticking to me nicely.
Workout – Back and Calves….throughout the workout, had a good euphoria. Weights moved very nicely and I felt energized to get to my next set with less wait time. Success.

Trial 2 – same as protocol one, sipped over 5-10 minutes but this time around, heart did not race like it did the first time. Cardio session was great and leg workout went quite smoothly.

·         Clinically dosed based on true studies
·         Fully disclosed label- YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE GETTING
·         Although I have only tried the one flavor thus far – liked it a lot. Looking forward to trying the other flavors (Strawberry Kiwi and Wildberry Punch)
·         Even after working out, still had a great alert feeling for a few more hours and no crash.

·         Nothing to report after 2 uses

I definitely would recommend the product to individuals looking for a good PWO/possible thermo powder, mid point stim and again, have to respect any company going the route of a fully disclosed label.
If interested in trying this product visitit and enter code supptalk15 to save 15% on your order. Continued success ATP…will be following intently.

Monday, March 28, 2016

Review of Muscle-Elements AminoPM

Muscle-Elements AminoPM  Review

Once again Muscle-Elements  aka ME has released another one of a kind product opening up a new category, Amino Acid Night Time blend called Power Down AminoPM. What is soo special you ask, it is sleep aid that contains all the sleep inducing elements such as Gaba and Tryptophan as well as BCAA. It touts a positive night sleep as well as well as muscle repair thus keeping your body in an anabolic state (my words not theirs)

As you can see below, ME keeps to the quality and transparency of the product listing everything in the product, no hidden proprietary blends.


With all sleep products, I personally start off with half the dosage and do my trial run on a weekend in case I wake up with the drunk/”zombiefied” feeling. I believe (although not validated) that these drunk feelings are cause by Pikatropin and or Picamilon which AminoPM does not have. I started with ½ a scoop 2-3 times then graduated to 1 full scoop. With each usage I woke up rested, alert and ready to hit my morning cardio session.  Some night I even slept less 5-6 hours but woke up feeling 

Here’s where it is important. You need to add AminoPM to water and not put in a glass then add water. By doing the latter it clumps and I found myself adding more water to get that last bit of residue. By adding you dosage to water, you avoid this problem. You do not stir a little more than usual but it does mix fairly well. If you decide to go the route of a shaker bottle, be aware that overshaking will cause a nice froth/foam.

I had the pleasure of using Pineapple Mango. Let me state I do not like Mango as a fruit but found this very pleasing. In my opinion the Mango overpowered the Pineapple.

·         I typically fell asleep, on average, 20 minutes after ingestion.
·         Many sleep aids sets my bladder off, AminoPM DID NOT….HUGE plus for me personally
·         If you are able to use 1 scoop, you will get 40 servings where the average for others is 30.

 I have seen anywhere from $37-$41. Some might feel this is pricey but if you take a typical sleep formula and add your own BCAAs, you will be somewhere in the $50-$60 range.


Once again ME has turned out another great product keeping true to quality, great taste and full disclosure. If you are having trouble sleeping and don’t want to put yourself into a coma, definitely pick some up.

Monday, March 21, 2016

Change is upon us

Thank you for visiting If you were looking for our store front, it is currently down for maintenance and changes. In saying this, I still have access to over 5000 products and will continue to bring you excellent pricing.

Should you need anything, please feel free to email us at 

We appreciate you following the "SuppTalk Brand" and look forward to what the future may hold.

Thursday, March 3, 2016

Review of USP Labs Modern Pre

USP Labs Modern Pre

The fine folks at USP Labs were kind enough to send me their new PreWorkout Modern Pre claiming

More Reps!
Less Soreness!
Increases Repetitions in Very First Workout. 3 clinical studies!
8g L-citrulline malate!
250 milligrams citicoline!

Zero sugar or artificial flavors!


So as always I was up for the challenge.

Recommended dosage was 1-2 scoops, 175 mgs of caffeine per scoop.For those of you that know me, I tend to be more on the stim sensitive side, I purposely keep myself this way thus trying not to fry my “sensors”

Taste – What I received was Fruit Punch. Not sure if I would consider it truly a fruit punch considering the other competitors out there but probably the closest thing. Flavor was ok, nothing that made me say “damn this is awesome” but certainly palatable and as I continued further use it did grow on me.

Dosage – after playing with a few different trials, I found my sweet spot to be 1 ½ scoops. Kept me alert, quite focused and not stimmed out.

Efficacy – I have to admit, my strength did progress nicely from workout to workout and my recovery time between sets did seem to diminish.

Mixability – My preference is a shaker bottle with wire whisk ball, never any problems, dissolved wonderfully.

Overall Pro’s – very little creatine which I prefer as my kindeys already produce a large amount of creatine/creatinine, again increased strength, alertness and well being and very little to no crash. Again I was on a lower doseage.

Negatives – the only negative I found was the “tingles” hit hard and fast and seemed to diminish just as quick as they came on.

In closing would I use this again? Most definitely, good ingredient dosages, full disclosure label, lower stimmed. Can’t wait to try additional flavors.

Friday, February 26, 2016

Review of Chaos and Pain Cannibal Weight

Review of Chaos and Pain’s ( brand new Whey Protein Isolate
Cannibal Weight.

I have always liked Chaos and Pain as a brand, first for their full disclosure labels and second, the owner’s no bull shit approach and true attention to quality and the really cool label designs,  sets them apart. He has never just rushed to the market to put out a product in hopes to keep up with what others are doing. And with Cannibal Weight, this is no different. I have tried other C&P Products in the past and was excited to try this one as well. As I have gotten older, I am more sensitive to concentrates, perhaps due to the higher lactose and have had best success with Isolates.

Cannibal Weight is predominantly a Whey Protein Isolate with no fillers, binders etc. How do I know this? When you add up all the macros on the label it pretty much matches the serving size. Big props for this. It comes in 3 flavors carnivorous chocolate, omnipotent orange and violent vanilla. I was fortunate enough to try the chocolate. I was kind of hesitant about trying an orange flavored protein but reviews I have seen are quite positive.

Flavor – Carnivorous Chocolate – mixed in Almond milk via blender, I found it very smooth, almost silky. Took me back to the days of using carnation instant breakfast (same type of flavor) when my Dad was trying to fatten me up.
Mixability – when using a shaker bottle and wire whisk ball there were some clumps, nothing crazy but my Nutra Bullet, powered right thru it to a creamy consistency.
Efficacy – hard to gauge if a protein is working or not as it truly is just adding protein and calories and overall replenishment to your system. I can tell you I had no stomach issues what-so-ever.

In closing, would I used this again? Most definitely. Continued success to C&P.