Monday, April 25, 2016

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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Review of Perform Kinetics by ATP

Wanted to quickly share with you a review of a brand new company/product ATP Nutrition (Aspire, Train, Perform), Perform Kinetics which is their first product in their line, touted as a Pre Workout.

Their Claims:

        Clinically Dosed         
100% Complete Label Transparency         
Created on Data backed ingredients that work

Few great reasons which got me excited about trying the product.

With many new PWO’s on the market, it is always a gamble with me personally, over-stimmed, underdosed and sometimes the dreaded “crash” that ensues shortly after usage.

As you see from the labels below, it is a pretty robust formula, caffeine for energy, pump ingredients and lactic acid buffers as well as nootropics to help keep one mentally focused. 

I was afforded both sample packets as well as a full bottle/jug. At the risk of opening and not liking a full bottle I decided to try a sample packet which is one full dosage.

Approximately 20 ozs of water in a shaker bottle using a wire whisk ball. Few quick shakes and all was great. No sediment/granules.

Cherry Limeade was flavor. First off, glad to see a new/different flavor out there. I enjoy the Fruit Punches and Blue Raspberry but my flavor palate is asking for something new and exciting and this was it. To be honest, not sure I really tasted the cherry as it was more in the limeade. Slightly tart but refreshing and enjoyable.

Trial 1 – I sipped this over perhaps a 5-10 minutes (first thing in my stomach for the day) and probably 10-15 minutes later felt the nootropics hitting. As mentioned earlier, I consider myself somewhat stim sensitive, I personally try to keep myself this way. The 250 mgs of both caffeine anhydrous and di-caffeine malate definitely had my heart racing but nothing to the point of feeling like a heart attack or that my head was going to explode

I started with A 20 minute cardio/treadmill session, 4.0 mph. This is where the fun began. Although this is touted as a Pre Workout, Perform Kinetics had me sweating hard at the 10-minute mark and upon completion, shirt was sticking to me nicely.
Workout – Back and Calves….throughout the workout, had a good euphoria. Weights moved very nicely and I felt energized to get to my next set with less wait time. Success.

Trial 2 – same as protocol one, sipped over 5-10 minutes but this time around, heart did not race like it did the first time. Cardio session was great and leg workout went quite smoothly.

·         Clinically dosed based on true studies
·         Fully disclosed label- YOU KNOW WHAT YOU ARE GETTING
·         Although I have only tried the one flavor thus far – liked it a lot. Looking forward to trying the other flavors (Strawberry Kiwi and Wildberry Punch)
·         Even after working out, still had a great alert feeling for a few more hours and no crash.

·         Nothing to report after 2 uses

I definitely would recommend the product to individuals looking for a good PWO/possible thermo powder, mid point stim and again, have to respect any company going the route of a fully disclosed label.
If interested in trying this product visitit and enter code supptalk15 to save 15% on your order. Continued success ATP…will be following intently.